Although heat pipes have been known in their basical working principles since 19th century,  it  is only from the sixties that they are extensively used in several industrial fields.
B.T.M. is today able to propose a wide range of heat pipe coolers, especially intended for high power electronics components.
Thanks to their relatively  simple structure and improved thermal characteristics, heat pipe coolers show substantial gain in weight and size reduction.  In addition, they are totally maintenance-free with a proven operating reliability in eccess 30 years.
Heat pipe coolers can be designed and manufactured with an electrical insulation up to 12 kV, while the two parts of the thermal circuit, respectively the condensing and evaporating sections, can be phisycally  separated to avoid hazardous contacts and dust accumulation.
The versatility of these systems allows a great freedom in designing customized thermal solutions.

A stack of 7,5 kV insulated  heat  pipe coolers  (with  AIO  insulators), designed for natural air cooling of   a pair of  thyristors for on-board  equipments in a subway train.
Light construction with aluminum evaporator and fins.

A customized heat pipe  unit, especially developed for the cooling, in natural air,  of a pair of  130x140 mm IGBT (Eupec and Mitsubishi standard cases), for  a total power of  1kW, to be used on on-board  equipments in a subway train.
Provided with  AIO  insulators (7,5 kV insulation).

A stack of non insulated heat pipe sinks, designed to cool a pair of  thyristors with forced ventilation, mounted with a special clamping  equipment  manufactured  by B.T.M.
The equipment is intended for use in conjunction with an AC mill drive



A new solution for the cooling of sealed containers.
Based upon the heat pipe technology,  the Borsari Thermal Management  Heat   Exchangers have wider radiating surfaces, thus saving weight  and dimensions, when compared with the conventional cooling systems.

The picture shows a  heat  exchanger  designed for the natural air cooling of  a sealed  container,  designed  for  on-board  equipment   of  a   tramway.
Dissipating surface: 10 m  approx.
Total weight:  25 kg.

A new range of  heat sinks, whose configuration can be easily adapted to the customer   requirements, overcomes the limitations imposed  by  the extrusion technology.
The connection between the base and the fins is obtained by means of  an epoxy bonding.
The improvement of the thermal efficiency  of the fins, thanks to an ideal pitch, results in a lower thermal resistance (up to 20%) and weight saving (up to 7%),  when compared with a same dimension traditional extruded heat sink.


A  complete range of  disc cell clamping devices,  both for single and double side applications of  the most  used  press-pack semiconductors.


Manufactured  with  the most advanced   technologies, water cooled  and insulated heat sinks provide electrical separation  of the electronic component  from the water circuit  by means of high thermal conductive ceramic components.
They are further designed with oversized superficial discharged paths  and   feature very low total thermal resistance.

A reliable, efficient, economic  and ecological   alternative to freon cooling  and treated water coolants systems.

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